Month: June 2014

All About Color Correctors & Bobbi Brown Corrector Review


I have medium-brown, Asian skin and so it is no surprise that I’ve got a bit of discoloration! Thankfully, it’s not too bad, but for days where I want a flawless & radiant complexion, I always use my Bobbi Brown corrector in “Deep Bisque”. Bobbi Brown’s line of correctors are especially great for neutralizing dark spots, on any complexion. To clear up some confusion about “correctors,” it is exactly what it says it is: a corrector! Therefore, it is not meant to conceal your dark spots/scars etc. It is meant to neutralize the color- prepping it for concealer.

Now you may be thinking: Well what’s the point of “correcting” when I can just go straight to concealing??

This will not work. When you try to cover a dark spot with foundation or concealer, you will notice that the area looks dull and ashy, and probably a lot worse than before! This is because you basically put a mask over the dark area, which isn’t doing much to hide it, it is actually accentuating it. You might be able to get away with it if the discoloration/hyper-pigmentation is minor, but in many cases it won’t work. Even if it does work, you may want to add concealer on top to make the results last longer. You need to neutralize your trouble area with an appropriate tone corrector and then conceal.

All you need to do is find your appropriate tone correcting color (Bobbi brown has peaches and bisques, which work well for dark spots), then apply a concealer that matches your skin tone, and set it with translucent powder or setting powder. Bobbi Brown actually sells a Concealer Kit that contains a creamy concealer and setting powder! This is perfect if you are looking for a concealer and setting powder to go with your corrector; these products were designed to complement one another.

I have yellow, golden and red undertones; peach and bisque both generally work for me. I usually do best with peach (as do most darker skinned women). With this Bobbi Brown collection, however, the darkest peach available was still a little too light for my complexion, so I chose Bisque in Deep, which was darker and a perfect match. Their peaches are not as “peachy” or orange as I’d like. If you have light skin with yellow undertones and want to correct darkness, you may want to get LIGHT peach. If you have dark skin with yellow undertones, you may want to get DARK peach. So, according to your undertones AND skin tone, you can find the perfect corrector that is appropriate for your skin tone, not just undertone. I chose deep-bisque. Light bisque would look like a mask on me and make my skin look dull/ashy.

Now, what I explained above was more about correcting dark spots, which is common problem for many women (especially darker skinned women). But, redness is also a problem among many lighter skinned women, and green correctors are meant to combat redness. So, If you’re concerned about redness, check out MUFE’s concealer palette in No. 1; it contains many shades of concealer that are appropriate for lighter skin and also a green corrector! If you have darker skin, check out MUFE’s concealer palette in No. 4; it contains the appropriate concealers and an awesome peach corrector. I have No.4 and I LOVE it (I am actually planning on reviewing it!) MUFE also has two other palettes for olive and light Asian skin, each with complementary concealers and appropriate correctors; Palettes No. 2 & 3.


Now, on to my review of this awesome corrector!  What is really great about Bobbi Brown correctors is that they cover all skin tones (light to medium to dark) and the corrector neutralizes dark spots pretty well. IF dark spots are your concern, whether it be dark under-eyes or a dark muzzle area, you are most likely going to be able to find your perfect match in this corrector selection.

This deep bisque corrector is definitely creamy in consistency and highly pigmented, which is important for getting a decent amount of coverage. The creaminess makes it great for buffing out lines (I used a small foundation brush for buffing it out) and getting a nice finish. However, although the pigmentation is great for both bisque & peach, their “Dark Peach” is definitely not as peach-colored as it should be. Dark peach is intended for medium to darker skinned women, and so the peach should be more orange (Like MUFE’s peach corrector in their No.4 palette that I mentioned earlier) so it blends better with darker skin colors. This is the reason I chose Deep Bisque over Dark Peach; Deep Bisque was overall much darker and it corrected my dark spots better, while also adding some orange to combat the dullness in my brown skin. So, pigmentation is not the problem, but rather the color of the dark peach corrector.

Today, I used MUFE’s HD Primer in Caramel and MUFE’s HD translucent powder (I didn’t need more coverage, because the darkness isn’t too bad, so I skipped concealer). This primer provided a smooth base for the corrector and combatted dullness; it added a glow to my tired skin. The HD powder helped to set the corrector. In the before and after pictures below, you will notice that my skin is much brighter because of the HD Primer and corrector. I was super tired- which is reflected in my before picture 😡 so I definitely needed my corrector today!

Dull skin & dark under-eye area

Dull skin & dark under-eye area 😦

Brighter, luminous skin with no darkness under the eye

Brighter, smoother, luminous skin with no darkness under the eye! YAY!


Overall, I can look past the not-so-peachy peaches, and give this corrector a 10/10, because it does such a good job and it stays on forever! One day, I actually had this on for about 10 hours, and when I was ready to take it off, it looked like I had just put it on. Seriously. No creasing or fading, I looked fabulous; makeup typically doesn’t last that long on my combo skin, even with my trusty MUFE primer+setting powder. I urge anyone with dark spots to try this if you’re looking for an awesome corrector!



Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

I absolutely love this mascara. I got it last year, and I was pretty impressed. I’ve always sought after perfect, voluminous lashes that also felt nice. Of course, this is almost impossible, because mascara naturally stiffens lashes. Now the “feel” of eyelashes may not be the *first* thing that comes to mind when choosing mascara… but who wants scratchy eyelashes?? When your eyelashes are plush, they appear more voluminous. This mascara truly does give you the “mascara” look, while keeping it feeling natural. I was so surprised when I looked in the mirror and saw amazing eyelashes…. then felt them and realized that they were extremely plush; you really are left with “Mega Plush” lashes! Below Are 3 pictures, 2 of which are before and after. I didn’t curl my lashes or apply it to my bottom lashes:




Looks pretty good; I didn't even curl my lashes!

After: Looks pretty good; I didn’t even curl my lashes!

No clumps!

No clumps!


This mascara wore pretty well throughout the day and was easy to remove with baby oil/makeup remover. I would strongly suggest purchasing if you are looking for amazingly soft lashes+volume and definition.

Yves Saint Laurent LE TEINT TOUCHE ÉCLAT Illuminating Foundation SPF 19

Hey Everyone!!! For all you girls out there looking for a truly illuminating, flawless foundation, you’ve found the right post!!!

What It Is

This YSL Foundation is a 9/10 for anyone with dry to normal skin. I have combination skin, and without applying primer and setting powder, this will disappear from my face within 3 hours!! Crazy, right?? Well, paired with Make Up For HD Primer in Caramel (Caramel for combating dull brown skin) and Make Up Forever HD Translucent Powder, this can last up to 9 hours! I only retouch once or twice throughout the day, just be careful not to touch your face too often, because it does rub off (though not too easily).

Who It’s For

The coverage is light to medium, and you should use a concealer if you need to, before you apply this foundation, but after your primer (always start with moisturizer and primer). Concealers are generally thicker in consistency and won’t rub off when you apply foundation, whereas concealer will rub off your foundation if foundation is applied first. Also, by covering major trouble spots with concealer first, you are likely to apply less foundation because all major *flaws* are gone! So, you won’t have a “mask” of foundation on. This makes for a more natural, fresh and polished look.

This YSL Foundation is a 9/10 for anyone with dry to normal skin, but a 6/10 for oily skin. I have combination skin, but I always use foundation and a good, trustworthy setting powder (MUFE HD Translucent Powder & NYC Translucent Powder are both great!!! Will be reviewing soon). I gave it a 6/10 for oily skin, but if you don’t really mind retouching with powder often, this will look just as amazing on you as it does on less oily skin.For those with sensitive skin, this is not likely to aggravate it.

From porcelain to ebony skin tones, you can find your match!! There are even peach, gold and beige undertones; this makes matching even easier! I have medium brown, Asian skin and finding the perfect shade match isnt always easy. However, it took me less than five minutes to find the perfect shade at Sephora. My color is B70, pictured below swatched and blended on my arm. When blended, it leaves your skin looking flawless. I absolutely love the illuminating effect it gives!


You can see the slight yellow undertone in this picture

You can see the slight golden+yellow undertone in this picture


The color adds more radiance to skin by matching your undertones and illuminating your natural skin tone

The color adds more radiance to skin by matching your undertones and illuminating your natural skin tone


Blend with a stippling brush for a flawless, airbrushed look

Blend with a stippling brush for a flawless, airbrushed look; I didn’t blend it completely in this post :X


Final Thoughts

Overall, this is worth being purchased and, even if you have oily skin, this is great if re-touching with powder throughout the day isn’t a hassle for you! It gives a nice, professional, dewy (not shiny) look, and it will not aggravate sensitive skin.