Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

I absolutely love this mascara. I got it last year, and I was pretty impressed. I’ve always sought after perfect, voluminous lashes that also felt nice. Of course, this is almost impossible, because mascara naturally stiffens lashes. Now the “feel” of eyelashes may not be the *first* thing that comes to mind when choosing mascara… but who wants scratchy eyelashes?? When your eyelashes are plush, they appear more voluminous. This mascara truly does give you the “mascara” look, while keeping it feeling natural. I was so surprised when I looked in the mirror and saw amazing eyelashes…. then felt them and realized that they were extremely plush; you really are left with “Mega Plush” lashes! Below Are 3 pictures, 2 of which are before and after. I didn’t curl my lashes or apply it to my bottom lashes:




Looks pretty good; I didn't even curl my lashes!

After: Looks pretty good; I didn’t even curl my lashes!

No clumps!

No clumps!


This mascara wore pretty well throughout the day and was easy to remove with baby oil/makeup remover. I would strongly suggest purchasing if you are looking for amazingly soft lashes+volume and definition.



  1. I am soo picky when it comes to mascaras because my eyelashes are pathetic! Might give this one a go, it looks great!
    I’m a new Irish blogger and I’ve been really enjoying the content of your blog. Maybe we can follow each other? I would love to share my thoughts on makeup with you!
    Cecilia x

    1. Thanks! ^_^
      Then trust me, you NEED to try this! The fact that it’s plush makes it less likely to damage your lashes/cause them to break since you’re already concerned about having short lashes! Irish; cool O.O I’m American 🙂 I just followed you 😀 Love your post on eyelash transplants!

      1. I will pick it up when I am at my drugstore next time, thanks for the review, it was very informative 🙂 Yep Im asian-irish so my blog will be full of random products from both continents haha. Thank you so much for checking it out and I am looking forward to read more posts from you x

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