Recieved My First VoxBox From Influenster!

Today I’ve got an exciting post for all you bloggers! If you’re interested in joining the website I’ll be talking about, feel free to send me your email for a personal invite:, or leave your email in the comments. I will respond promptly and would be more than happy to invite you to join the Influenster community! 🙂



Last month, I joined a website called Influenster. This website is for anyone out there who wants to turn their social influence in to rewards! If you live in the USA or Canada, love social media and love trying new products- whether it be beauty, skincare or even sports related products- you can join this website to share your opinions on all kinds of products, and possibly be selected to receive what is called a VoxBox. A VoxBox is a box that is sent to you complementary from Influenster (at no cost to you!), containing full sized products from many awesome brands that you may be interested in. Based on your profile, Influenster may be interested in sending you a VoxBox. I cannot tell you how much I love Influenster; time and time again, I have spent money on products that simply don’t work! Influenster gives you a chance to read reviews from honest Influensters, try products for free, and leave your feedback to help others make a more informed decision about purchases! I received an Aveeno VoxBox earlier today, and I am so excited to try it, because I could really use the product I received! Influenster does a great job at matching you with potential VoxBox programs. My box contained a tone corrector that is meant for correcting uneven skin tone and dark spots on the face. I generally like this brand for skincare, but I’ve never tried their tone corrector before, or even any products from this particular line (Aveeno’s “Positively Radiant” line). So, I look forward to telling you guys more about this product after I test it out for a few weeks or so!

Influenster is a great website to share your opinions and ask questions+receive answers about any product/brand you may be wondering about. Unfortunately, you can only participate in VoxBox campaigns if you reside in Canada or the USA 😦

BUT, the reviews on this website really are exceptional and the community of “Influensters” is awesome!! Regardless of their VoxBox program, I really think anyone who likes to find out more about products before they buy them should join, because you will find great reviews and can ask+answer questions on many products/brands. The user interface is great, and it’s such a fun website to navigate!!!

To learn more about Influenster and to answer any questions you may have after reading this, please click here. I really hope you enjoyed this blog post, and plan on joining Influenster!



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