Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Today I want to tell you guys about an amazing product that I started testing out about a week ago. When I got a recommendation to try Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Concealer, I jumped at it because, upon further research, this really looked promising! It was affordable and meant for color correction/brightening: two things I love!


Skin on all complexions can be a bit dull sometimes, and I’m always looking for ways to combat it, especially around the under-eye area, because your face automatically looks so much fresher once you address just your under-eye issues; whether it be wrinkles, puffiness or discoloration.

Discoloration and overall dullness are my concerns. I want to thank Cecilia for recommending this concealer to me; check out her blog!! It’s an awesome fashion/beauty and lifestyle blog and she’s so awesome!!!! Thanks again, Cecilia!

So this product is for anyone that wants to fill in lines around the eye, correct minor discoloration,  brighten their eyes, and address signs of aging. I haven’t been using this concealer long enough to know whether or not it is effective as an anti-aging treatment, but I will post an update!

Darker toned women may have a hard time finding a dark enough shade, because the four skin-tone shades available are for light to medium skin. This is a bit disappointing! For this reason, I use it mainly as a brightener, but it definitely helps a little to conceal. I just wish I could find a darker shade. The darkest skin-tone shade is honey, and it’s a bit too light on my medium-brown skin.

You may have noticed I bolded “four skin-tone.” That’s because there are actually six shades, but the last two aren’t skin-tone specific. However, they still work better on light to medium skin. One is for “brightening” which basically means highlighting. If you’ve got light/medium skin and are just concerned about dullness, this may be for you. The other shade is “neutralizer” which is a light-colored corrector. This is for women who wish to eliminate dark circles under their eyes before applying their foundation on top. I personally think the neutralizer works better on lighter skin. However, if you’re darker-skinned, you can still try this, because you will have to layer a foundation/concealer that is your skin tone over this neutralizer, so the light shade may not be an issue at all!

The best way to apply this product is dotting it on your face, and I love the design of the applicator, because its shape makes it so easy to just swipe across the under-eye area or dot it on. I prefer to dot it on, and then use my finger or a small concealer brush to really press it in and buff it out. You really want to make sure you do this, because it will fill in the lines (don’t put too much product on though, because that will actually accentuate the lines!). After applying the concealer, I set it with a translucent setting powder. Eye concealer fades quickly, so don’t skip this part! If you used the neutralizer, you may want to add a concealer for better coverage before you set it. But, if you used one of the four skin-tone shades or the brightener, you can just go straight to setting.

Overall, this concealer is really awesome and I’m glad Cecilia recommended it! I definitely wish there were more shades available for darker skin tones, but this selection isn’t too bad. I give it an 8/10. There’s no funny smell, no goopyness and no straying if you set it. For the price, this under-eye concealer is amazing and it also treats as well as conceal! So, you’re not just masking your imperfections, you’re helping them. Next time you’re searching for an under-eye concealer+anti-aging treatment, please consider this before splurging on something pricier, it’s definitely a steal!





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