Month: March 2015

L’ Occitane Light Comforting Cream

While I have tried products from L’ Occitane before, I have never tried their Shea products intended for moisturizing facial skin. I am so glad that I got the chance to receive a deluxe sample of L’ Occitane’s Light Comforting Cream free from Influenster (a website that encourages consumers to voice their opinions on many products) because it has helped me to combat many issues I’ve been noticing on my skin lately!

Skin discoloration and acne scars are two unfortunate skin conditions that I am no stranger to; I’ve tried many products- some that have helped and some that didn’t produce any results. L’ Occitane’s Light Comforting Cream is one of those products that has produced noteworthy results; it has worked wonders for my skin, because after about a week of daily use twice a day, the texture of my skin is noticeably more refined and flawless!

In the picture below, my cheek is noticeably smooth, which hasn’t been the case for me in recent weeks, until I started testing out this cream. Usually I don’t experience issues with my cheeks, but I had a breakout in this area which was taking longer to heal, since my cheeks tend to be dry and I generally only experience oiliness in my T-zone. Having a breakout in drier areas of my face is, in my case, worse than in other areas. Therefore, finding a product like this with moisturizing ingredients like shea, helped to seed up the healing process and help my cheeks become smooth again! These results are why #ineedshea!!


Upon initial application, my skin feels softer and looks more radiant. The texture of this cream is perfect; it doesn’t go on greasy and it dries nicely, making it perfect as a base for makeup or even to be worn alone! Over the course of about three weeks, I found myself using less concealer and foundation to cover up flaws, because this cream has helped my skin to recover, which was awesome!

L’ Occitane has definitely not disappointed me before, especially with their Light Comforting Cream! Because of the amazing results I’ve noticed after about 3 weeks of use, I plan on looking in to their other products- particularly from their Shea line- which include Shea Butter Fabulous Oil and Shea Butter Cleansing Milk.


I visited L’ Occitane recently, because their products have been working wonders for me, and my in-store experience was amazing! I love the bright yellow accents and the luxurious atmosphere. The staff were very friendly, and the Valentines Day event, featuring Kusmi Tea and L’ Occitane, was lovely! I picked up some goodies, and I hope to try more products from this amazing brand soon!! 🙂